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"Our company has always endeavored to attract and retain the finest craftsmen in our field. Yet, due to environmental conditions such as settlement, moisture content, and the instability of today’s lumber, there is still the possibility after building a new home that you may need warranty work. We have a track record (dating from our inseption) of honoring any and all warranty work in a timely fashion."

Environmental Conditions -

"Many problems can be directly traced to unfavorable job conditions. These problems might occur during product application, or they might not appear until long after completion. The following environmental factors can present problems in drywall construction.

Gypsum panels & joint compound must be installed at temperatures above 50 degrees F. In cold weather, provide controlled, well-distributed heat to keep the temperature above minimum levels. For example, if gypsum board is installed at a temperature of 28 degrees F, it expands at a rate of 1/2" for every 100 linear feet when the temperature is raised to 70 degrees F. The compounds and textures are negatively affected by low temperatures. Loss of strength and bond occur from freezing after application and might require replacement. Repeated freezing and thawing of ready-mixed compounds caused them to lose their workability and might render them useless. Even temperatures should be maintained to avoid cracking from the thermal shock caused by sudden changes in temperature. High humidity and temperatures can also have negative effects and must be addressed in the summer."

Quoted from Robert Scharff and the Editors of Walls & Ceilings Magazine


All Work Warranted For Two Years From Date Of Completion
(Provided Heat Is Maintained In The Home).

Warranty To Consist Of One Date Of Return Per Year
At Homeowner’s Discretion.

It Is Suggested That The Customer Wait A Full Year For
Normal Shrinkage And Settlement To Run Its Course.

Superior Drywall, Inc. Shall Not Be Responsible
For Repainting Warranty Work.