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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I have to make payment up front?
A: No. Although we may request a customer with a large project to pay 50% upon completion of hanging drywall we do not require payment before beginning.

Q: My house is only one year old and I’m seeing cracks, screw pops and tape pulling loose. Did my builder/drywall contractor do a poor job?
A: Not necessarily. Framing lumber today has far more moisture content and is much less dense than that of years past. This lumber will often shrink, warp and twist as the humidity leaves the house (particularly during the heating season) creating havoc with the finished surfaces. This is why it is important to hire a drywall contractor who will return to perform these repairs.

Q: I need drywall repair work done but I’ve heard horror stories about the mess. Will my house be covered with dust?
A: Covered, no. Our repair crews are all careful to cover the work area and vacuum before they leave. However, it is the nature of the job that some dust suspended in the air will settle after we leave. In spite of our precautions, we cannot guarantee you a totally dust-free home.

Q: Once you start a job will you stay on it until it is finished?
A: Yes. While there may be an occasional missed day due to the need for the work to dry or an employee’s day off, etc., we move jobs to completion quickly once started.

Q: Can my small repair job be done in one day?
A: While this may be possible in some cases, in jobs requiring multiple coats it is not recommended. Quick setting joint compounds do not react well to multiple coats applied too quickly and can be difficult to smooth to a top quality finish